A Parade For Alpo Martinez In Harlem?

Albert "Alpo" Martinez

Alpo Martinez is reportedly going to have a full blown hero’s home going in Harlem!

Alpo Martinez is no longer with us, but his legacy continues on. I am not from that world, but I know a few things. I know that are Alpo Martinez. He’s a flamboyant former drug dealer that was shot up execution style when he was driving in Harlem. They shot him about six times im a way that leads some to believe it was a professional hit. He killed at least 14 people, including Rich Porter. His life and times were loosely documented in the movie “Paid In Full.” Lastly, he was a snitch. When he died at the age of 55, he was in witness protection under the name Abraham Rodriquez.

So, because the man was so well-known and infamous, they are reportedly going to have a parade for Alpo in the street of Harlem, New York. At a minimum, they are going to have a horse-drawn carriage in the hood for a man that pretty much caused destruction and mayhem. I know he was a fun dude too. And apparently a decent family man. But nobody focuses on that stuff. I have nothing bad to say about this, because its not my world. HOWEVER, I do find it odd that a man that ratted, murdered and sold lots of drugs is getting a parade.

Star thinks it was somebody from the West Coast that shot him dead in the street.

Now the question is…who killed Alpo?