A$AP Rocky Might Want To Beat Kanye West Up Right About Now…

Kanye West

Kanye West has turned into a bit of a snitch by revealing that A$AP Rocky may have cheated on Rihanna. Crazy!

This dude Kanye West is something to behold. He once rapped, “Don’t do no press but get the most press.” Well, he was correct in that assertion. However, at this point, that is not a good thing. That’s a terrible thing, actually. He’s looking crazier and crazier by the day. This time, he goes in on A$AP Rocky and may mess-up his relationship with Rihanna.

As you know, RiRi and ASAP have consummated their love in the form of a baby. And they did not break up over rumors or a shooting that he allegedly partook in. BUT…Kanye West has put a new rumor on front street. Back in April there was a rumor that A$AP had an affair with Amina Muaddi, who is a fashion designer. Those proved to be false but somebody – I think Rocky shot that down. Anyway, thanks to Ye, ASAP is back in the rumors on some cheating ish.

Here is what he said:

Soooooooooooooo…what the hell is a Yoon!? A lot of people were asking the question, but I now have the answer. Yoon is yet another fashion designer that, according to Kanye, had an affair with the Harlem rapper.

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She’s pretty hot and that “Ambush Game Weak” was a commentary on her brand.

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Why would he do that to ASAP? I don’t know about this guy anymore. He’s alright but he’s not real. I cannot imagine the misery he met be in to try to destroy somebody else’s happy home.

Many moons ago, Yoon starred in a video by the rap don. Check it out.

So, maybe this is the way that Kanye gets back at people, being a rat