Are A$AP Rocky & This Famous Sister Back Kicking It?


(AllHipHop Rumors) These rappers love a Kardashian! Well technically Kendall is a Jenner but same difference. LOL.

As far as we knew it A$AP Rocky and Kendall Jenner either had a strong friendship or a strong situationship. You know how celebrities love to say they are “just friends” or like brother and sister.

Well apparently it looks like A$AP and the “quiet” sister are back kicking it as they were spotted in Manhattan on a major shopping spree. The two were spotted checking out some pretty nice grills, necklaces, and even engagement rings.

I don’t know if the engagement rings mean anything because I definitely thought Kendall was still kicking it with her alleged boo, Lakers player Jordan Clarkson!

Anyway maybe the two were just admiring some nice bling rather than actually considering taking a trip down the aisle anytime soon.

After all, in Hip Hop and Hollywood it’s mostly about “having fun” aka dating and f-cking around, and wasting each others time in 2017.

Kendall & A$AP do seem like they could kind of work as a couple, I guess. Hmmmmmm.