About That Song With Kool G Rap And The White Kid…

Take It Easy On A Legend!

There have been more than a few questions about Kool G Rap – Triple OG Legend Of Hip-Hop – and some newcomer rapper named Grant. The song was called “Wicked” and it sucked. Here is what I have been told. Rumor has it, the check was MASSIVE for him to do the song with the lyrically challenged upstart rapper. On the other side, we saw the body movement and the lack of chemistry between the two in the video. The word on the street is that G Rap suffered a death in the family that really took him for a loop and messed with him a lot. He still do that video, but was reluctant to do it. Next month G Rap has a show in Philly with Scarface and others. So, if you feel badly about this song or whatever, come out and support the G and help out. Its not easy out in these streets for any sort of MC, much less one that has been in the game close to three decades. And, if you listen…G Rap wasn’t lyrically lacking on the song, he was just on a wack song.

In case you didn’t know, these dudes are arguably the best RAW emcees of the 80’s

Clearly there were others like Q-Tip, Chuck D, Run DMC, Melle Mel and others that were lyrically bodying rappers, but from a battle, hyper lyrical point of view, they were it.

Here is the concert information.