Actor Bokeem Woodbine Says Tupac Planned Feud-Ending Record With Biggie & Mobb Deep


According to veteran actor Bokeem Woodbine, Tupac was on the verge of creating a feud-ending and genre-shifting record before his untimely death.

Woodbine, who also starred in Tupac’s classic “I Ain’t Mad At Cha” music video claims Pac shared the details of the planned record while they were filming the “All Eyez On Me” single.

The secret record allegedly would’ve featured Notorious B.I.G., Mobb Deep, and a few other East Coast rappers, as an effort to end the beef.

“He had a plan to put everybody together on one record and just squash the beef. He wanted to take the power away from the labels that were exploiting the situation. It angered him that they were profiting; he wanted to stop the cash flow. It wasn’t something I was supposed to tell people about, you know what I’m saying? I honored that, and I just waited for that record to come out. But unfortunately, as you know, it never did,” Woodbine told The Fader.

This news comes years after Pac’s untimely death. Lil’ Cease even revealed that Biggie and Pac would’ve definitely settled their beef had they had the opportunity to do so.

Cease always believed if Pac and Big would’ve talked after that infamous Source Awards, things would’ve been different because they saw each other on numerous occasions and nothing happened.

Man this record would’ve been EPIC! Who do you think would’ve brought the best verse?