Did Actor Lakeith Stanfield Shade Kanye West On His Birthday?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Ever since the movie ‘Get Out’ hit theaters, folks have argued that Kanye West is in a sunken place!

Some folks even wondered if ‘Get Out’ was an adaptation of Ye’s life! Since Yeezy’s mental breakdown during his ‘Saint Pablo’ tour, many have wondered if Kanye has been in a sunken place since the death of his mother. Maybe he’s been trying to tell us all through his music, public rants and relationships.

It’s like Kanye is refusing to be controlled (supposedly) while possibly being aware of his own bondage at the hands of his wife Kim Kardashian and her crazy azz family.

Anyway, actor Lakeith Stanfield decided to celebrate Kanye’s birthday with a little bit of petty by reposting a photo that Kim K posted of her and Ye with his ‘Get Out’ character photoshopped into Kanye’s space. Pretty cryptic right? LOL. Carry on.


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