Adrien Broner Takes A Shot At Fetty Wap


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Adrien Broner isn’t familiar with the phrase, “humility is key.” Before making up with Floyd Mayweather, he caused quite a bit of drama by taking shots at Floyd through arrogant social media posts, and he even upset some rappers by ignorantly throwing up some change he received from a cashier at Walmart. Adrien is back at it again running his mouth. This time he is taking a jab at Fetty Wap. Adrien said,

“They say we got the same jeweler, but we in different tax brackets. No disrespect to Fetty Wap. I love Fetty Wap.”

Sometimes Adrien acts like he’s miserable or he aint never had sh*t! Why even say that? He could’ve just talked about his own jewelry if he felt the need to.