Akon And Brother Bu Are In A Big Money Beef With Verse Simmonds


AKON and his brother are in the midst of a $$$ beef with producer Verse Simmonds.

In a lot of ways, Akon is a prototype for successful Black man to come up from nothing into mass success and wealth. However, Verse Simmonds is not playing with Akon or his brother Bu, both pretty cool guys. In fact, he has gone as far as to call them scammers. WOW. Such disrepect! How much of this is rooted in a long running relationship that Verse Simmons has had with them as a producer. So much of this is directed at Bu, not Akon, Kon isn’t exempt. He blasts them both. This is catastrophically damaging to both men who are doing some incredible things in the world. But it seems like Verse – respectfully – is just a guy trying to get his just money. And with his credentials to, he alleges he has not made a penny off his works.

So, we are in a day and age of social media and putting people on blast is the order of the day. So Akon attempted to reach out to Verse and Verse screenshotted it the text and put it on social media. This will not turn out good. Ijust hope that he can get his money and all parties can move forward.