Is Akon Creating “Wakanda” With Chinese Money?

A lot of people are wondering about Akon’s “Wakanda” in Senegal.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Akon has been taking his licks recently. Remember that stuff with Tekashi 69? The Senegalese American musician has been doing his thing otherswise! He is bridging the gap between African-Americans and Africans. However, there has been some chatter that the moves he’s made are actually backed by others. Now, in the broader context, we all know that the Chinese have been building and investing within Africa for quite some time. And these moves have helped in some regards, but have also received their fair share of criticism as well.

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about Akon creating a modern-day Wakanda in Senegal. At face value, this seems like an incredible thing because as seen in the Black Panther, Wakanda represents the finest, and also the true self of Africans, in a world without racism. But, is there something else going on behind the scenes. This is happening, people! Akon City is happening! The $6 billion futuristic Senegalese city is on the way and it is happening in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic. Akon City will have amenities like a seaside resort, a technology hub, recording studios, hospitals, police, and even a university to make the city self-sustainable. And there is more…so much more. 

There is no evidence outwardly that this is anything other than an African funded project. AND YET, there are rumors that suggest that the Chinese are the ones actually backing Akon City but we don’t know yet if that is the truth. One report said, “Tourism Minister Alioune Sarr said Akon’s launch comes at a time when private investment is scarce and badly needed.” What we do know is that the Chinese are all up in Africa and even have the brothers and sisters learning Mandarin! Now, this is not a complete knock on the Chinese because they are about their business and their money. But Africa has been fueling a lot of the world economy and resources and some would say it’s being raped. I pray this is not the case here. I hope to find more information on this in the future, not to malign Akon but to just find the truth. In the meantime, here are some pictures of Akon City as it is being proposed.