Alexis Skyy Tells Her Story About Being A Victim Of Sex Trafficking

Alexis opens up on LHHATL about her past

In a trailer for the upcoming season of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, Alexis Skyy opens up about being a victim of sex trafficking.

Skyy also posted her thoughts on her sharing her very emotional story for the world to see. She says this is the first time she’s ever discussed her trafficking experience and reveals her family is unaware-until now-about what happened to her at 15-years-old. She explains being kidnapped and forced into sex slavery by a man 20 years older than her.

By sharing her story, Skyy wants to be a role model for other young girls who are also victims. Her reason for not revealing this sooner is because she was afraid of revenge and that no one would believe her. She didn’t want to reveal too much in her Instagram post because she wants everyone to tune in to LHHATL.

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#PressPlay: It looks like #AlexisSkyy will be opening up about her experience being a victim of sex trafficking. In a trailor from the upcoming season of #LHHATL, Alexis speaks about the struggles she went through, and she elaborates in her Instagram caption. (SWIPE)

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