Did Amber Rose Get A Tat On Her Forehead?

Amber Rose may have just taken the ultimate plunge with a new tat to decorate her pretty face.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Amber Rose is known as one of the most beautiful women in entertainment. I am still not sure what she does, but she remains pretty. I am not sure what she is doing right now, because it looks like she has gotten a tat on the top of her forehead. The tat, right below her hairline is reportedly her kids’ names. Her kids’ names are Sebastian Taylor Thomaz and Slash Electric Alexander Edwards. In the video, I can make out “Slash” and that’s about it, BUT…if you know Sebastian’s nickname, you can begin to realize that the other side probably says “Bash.” Look at the video and judge for yourself. 

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What would make her do that? I know a mother’s love is a very special thing, but wow. I know we are moving past the stigma attached to having tats but…well, I cannot see myself doing that. I guess that is why she is rich and famous and I am illseed. 

Do you all have any thoughts on this?