Did Angela Yee Lust Over Gucci Mane Or Not? Who’s Lying?


Did Angela Yee Want To Smash Gucci Mane?

It all went down like this:

Angela Yee: I just want to say I wasn’t scared.
Gucci Mane: First off I don’t believe what she saying. She frontin’. You were terrified.”
Angela Yee: “Why would I be scared? What was you gonna do to me?”
Gucci Mane: It’s not what I was going to do to you. It’s what I was gonna say to you. Cuz we had already had a history.
Charlamagne: You smashed Angela Yee Gucci?
Angela Yee: No of course not
Envy: Why you say of course NOT
Angela: Come on guys
Gucci: She done tried.
Angela is laughing…
Gucci: She was on my d**k.
Angela: Stop lying. I was not on your d88K. We was cool.
Gucci: You did used to be texting me ‘what hotel I was at’.
Angela: That is a lie. Never. You must’ve got me confused with somebody else.
Gucci: You don’t remember when we did that interview a long time ago with Melyssa Ford and then you was calling me? That “Lip Service” isht. Stop it.
Angela: That definitely was not me. I put my life on that. There must’ve been somebody else in there. I would swear on my life, on my unborn child, I have never hit Gucci up asking what hotel he’s in.
Charlamagne is laughing hysterically.
Envy: I don’t know. Who you believing Charlamagne?
Angela: Nah I wouldn’t do that.
Charlamagne: I’ve never known Gucci to be a liar.
Angela: Picture me hitting somebody saying what hotel are you in?
Envy: Hey, everybody get horny

Now, when a woman says “on my unborn child,” I tend to believe that. But you never know, because Gucci’s face said much more. Look at the gifs! WHO DO YOU BELIEVE?
Gucci Mane Breakfast Club Gif

Gucci Mane Breakfast Club Gif

AND. Did Gucci Mane really charge Sway $50,000 to rap a freestyle on his show? Uhm. They say yes. Now, that’s CRAZY.

What a way to end the year. WEIRD!

By the way, Angela Yee and Gucci do have some level of history. Check out the 2010 interview below.