Another L! Soulja Boy Is Asking His Fans To Pay Him For What?


Sometimes, actually oftentimes, it seems like Soulja Boy and Bow Wow don’t really want to win! I mean who are on their teams?!?

Soulja Boy has been on Twitter asking his fans to pay him $100 to follow them. He managed to round up a few hundreds from some crazy fans, but why in the world would he be asking his fans for money.

It’s been a few times where Soulja Boy has been accused of flashing fake money, and he has already been blasted recently for fronting like he bought a $6 million pad, when it was really an Airbnb rental.

This is making Soulja Boy look real thirsty and washed. We could see if he asked fans to tweet him proof that they purchased his music for him to follow them back, but asking fans to pay him to follow them is a bit much.

Do you think this makes Soulja Boy look smart or desperate?