Did Dallas Rapper Mo3 Fake His Own Shooting?

Mo3 uses gun violence to market new music.

Bruh, so get this. Imagine being on Instagram and all of a sudden one of your favorite rappers posts to his story claiming he just been shot in his head and his back. 

You’re freaking the f*ck out thinking, “he really needs to get to a hospital” only to find out it was all staged for a music video! Y

Yeah I’m rolling my eyes too.

This is exactly what Dallas rapper Mo3 did to fans when he had the audacity to post a video of him with blood all over his white t-shirt and coming from his mouth. 

Apparently, this was all for an upcoming music video for, “Why?” 


I’m sorry, but this is too much. People take doing it for the likes and views a little too far sometimes. 

Using violence to spark attention for a music video is by far the worst an artist can do. I get it. You gotta push your music, but using gun violence to market yourself isn’t the answer. Artists need to learn better ways to put themselves out there.

Will y’all be listening to Mo3’s music or did he take it too far?