We Know How The Feds “Caught” AR-AB!

There is a reason why the Feds have such a high conviction rate! They do THEE MOST!

(AllHipHop Rumors) We know the Feds have a conviction rate somewhere around 95%, which is remarkably high. I never really ever knew HOW they did that, aside from knowing that they follow and watch people for a long time. Well, there are a few ways to  get close to somebody. In the case of AR-AB, they reported did the previously unheard of (to me). 

The Federali reportedly moved in the apartment upstairs from the well-regarded Philly rapper in order to get the intel they needed to put him in jail. They charge that AR-AB was selling drugs in large amounts in his Philly pad. Last October (2018), AR was arrested for allegedly running an organization that happened to move lots of cocaine, crack, methamphetamine, and heroin. Our boy AR-AB has not been convicted of anything yet so he is still innocent in the law.

But, their willingness to be patient will increase their chances of winning against a few Philly dudes. As you know, last week they arrested Dark Lo and charged him with witness tampering. In court, one of the witnesses was so scared of Dark Lo that he would not sit in the room if the rapper was there! That’s what I heard. 

Oh, one last thing you rappers should know is that the FEDS relentlessly looked at social media “24/7” for information to use against all of these guys. Don’t think for a second that your little disclaimer “this is not real” is working!