Why Is Tory Lanez LOSING Money?

Tory Lanez has had it with Interscope Records playing with his coins.

Tory Lanez is ready to “risk it all” like his and Jacquees song says. The Canadian singer took to his Instagram to express his frustration with his label, Interscope Records.

Lanez posted that if they don’t stop playing with him, he was gonna “EXPOSE WHATS REALLY GOING ON IN THAT F*CKING BUILDING!” Uh-oh!

His latest project, Chixtape 5 is a massive success peaking at number 2 on Billboard 200. 

However, according to the singer, he’s actually losing money from the album. In an interview with Hot 97, Lanez says, “We actually didn’t do this from a monetary standpoint. We did this from a standpoint of like, I’m losing money doing the album but what is gonna come out of it? Of course it’s gonna be incredible.”

“I feel like it’s damn near at a place where it’s gonna be critically acclaimed because no one ever did it before,” he goes on to say. 

Well, he had much to say on Instagram about this entire situation and posted an interesting jab at his record label.


Rich The Kid also put his two cents in commenting, “I’m tellin ya” under Lanez’s post. He is also signed to Interscope records.

Fans on Twitter have all types of opinions about the situation. One in particular that keeps coming up is if the label handled the clearances for his songs on the album. Lanez sampled from Chris Brown, Jagged Edge, T-Pain, and more. I’m no expert, but I know that racked up quite a couple thousand. Unless this project had a big budget, I can see why Lanez was frustrated. 

A fan in the comment section of Tory’s post expressed his concern saying, “Chill bro I ain’t tryna see you killed.” Lanez basically responded he doesn’t give a damn and what’s wrong is wrong. “That’s the difference…I don’t care. My integrity respect and the path of light that I can show the generation after me is more important that this life that n*ggas is so scared to lose.”

What y’all think? Do you think all those samples got cleared before being released?