Are Jay-Z And Drake About To Battle On Verzuz?

Drake and Jay-Z

Drake and Jay-Z – Verzuz? Is that even possible?

I heard the most insane rumor. If you are here, you know what it is. An indus try insider on Facebook stated that Swizz and Timbo are working on one of the craziest Verzus EVER.


I will stop it right there for now. We know Jay-Z! Jay-Z doesn’t do stuff like Verzuz! If he does, he creates his own and profits from it. If it’s not going on his platform, why would he? BUT….lets entertain this for a bit.


At this point, Drake is the closest thing to Jay-Z the middle school of Hip-Hop has. No, he’s not American and has no street cred, but he has amassed tons of money, influence, got all types of hits and set the bar for where we are today. Again, he’s no Jay-Z but when it comes to Hip-Hop, there are not a lot of people that can mess with Jay. Drake….has a shot.

Is this possible? I say no, but the source INSISTS they are working on something with Jay-Z.


In looking farther, the dude made mention of Nas. Do you think it may be possible that they could parlay a bit Verzuz with Jay and Nas? That Jeezy vs Gucci Mane battle did wonders! There was a lot of tension, healing and drama in The A for that one! Then they made the revelation that Lil Kim and Foxy might be on the way! Remember, Foxy’s brother Gavin made the slip-up and set off the rumors. Since there has been no word on whether or not this will actually happen, but could they manifest the ultimate coup: Jay-Z and Nas?

I feel like both men are past all this, but I am hoping they are not. I think its impossible, but I have faith in TIm and Swizz!

So, the dude swears something in this rumor is true and would not come off its validity no matter how much people clowned him.

SOOOO what say you?!