Are Jay Z and Beyonce Still Having Issues Post ‘Lemonade’?


Sometimes you have to wonder are people making this Beyonce and Jay Z ‘Lemonade’ “scandal” bigger than what it is. It seems like everyone is falling for it, just like Bey-Z might have expected.

According to Radar Online, Jay Z is going over-the-top to win back Beyonce’s affection! A source close to the couple told them that Jay has something special planned once Bey returns home to L.A. from her ‘Formation’ tour.

Apparently Jay Z has redecorated their entire Bel Air mansion and filled it with romantic gifts to show Bey how much he loves her. An alleged cousin of Beyonce has been claiming that the couple has been having issues, and ‘Lemonade’ was an attempt at working through those issues. Do you think Jay & B are really having problems?