Are Rich Homie Quan & Johnny Cinco Still Beefing?


Photo via Rich Homie Quan’s Instagram

Rich Homie Quan has had a lot to say lately on social media in between hitting his interesting “Rich Homie” dance. We think we found out who he’s mad at lol: Johnny Cinco aka John Popi (an up and coming Atlanta rapper). Apparently the two have been beefing for a while. Allegedly Johnny has been sneaking dissing Rich Homie. RHQ didn’t take a liking to this as him and his fans yelled “F*ck Johnny Cinco.” while he was performing.

Rich Homie Quan decided to call out Johnny Cinco when he posted this under his Instagram video:

“And you ran from me yesterday at the airport. Thought you had on skates scary a** lil boy.”

Jay The Connect decided to comment under Rich Homie Quan’s video, and RHQ replied saying,

“Jay don’t play u know west braxkin nawl real talk uma beat all yall hating a** n**gas on my son. Now f*ck dat.”

Hmmmmmmm they need to focus on their music.

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