Are Right-Wing Extremist Planning Civil War Due To Trump Raid?

President Donald Trump

The raid on Trump has his base all riled up, ready to an apparent Civil War.

The United States are not very united these days. And it certainly does not appear that there will be unity anytime soon. When you think of Civil War, we tend to think about that thing that happened years ago with the South and the North. But, now it seems like a potential Civil War is going on, but this one is different.

First of all, there aren’t two militias fighting in the streets. Also, the beefs are not only regional. So, for example, the Trump supporters are down bottom, up top and all over. So, for the time being, we have a mostly bloodless war. Now, there are some acts that would challenge that, such as murderous acts like Ahmaud Arbery and or Breonna Taylor, because it seems like the KKK has infiltrated the traditional systems.

Now, it seems like the Right side of things is looking for that blood to start spilling. A dude on Twitter started tracking all these people that seem to be hoping for a war with the government. This does not even sound like they want to just war with Black people. They seem to be stockpiling tons of guns for the Feds and to “defend the Constitution” as one dude said. They are also looking like they want to face off with the Army or something. Oh, did I mention they are on TikTok? Sounds counter-Revolutionary to be using a China-based company to sound off

Also, there are reports of armed militias outside of the FBI’s office in Phoenix, AZ. All of this fire over the Trump/Mar-A-Lago raid. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..

I remember when the NFAC pulled up on the scene, but they weren’t pulling up to Fed Buildings. I wonder how soon it will take for them to take down these domestic terrorists now that they have showing themselves. By the way, they want all the smoke. The IRS can get it too (look at the lady below).

This is all over the internet. Why do they think talking to their phones is cool?