Are T.I. And Tiny Being Set Up?

T.I. and Tiny…could they be set up?

T.I. and Tiny being lined up? T.I. has emerged one of the premier leaders in Atlanta, like it or not. Politically, he has helped a number of people, including Keisha Lance Bottoms – the mayor-become a more solid political force on the ground. Now, we know that he is not a perfect person because Tip hails from the bottom and that is where a lot of dysfunction lives. But over time, we know that his spirit and heart have emerged as a positive force in the world. That has not gone without hiccups, as it the case with most people trying to grow. But mostly it seems to me like dude is doing right by his people in the fight for social justice and economic empowerment. Last year, he gave people a ton of money, including a college student from Norfolk State.  And, on the Hip-Hop front, he’s still actually putting out good music.

But a former friend now has become their worst enemy and T.I. and tiny have a POTENTIALLY major scandal on their hands. Mostly faceless and nameless people are saying that they were abused in someway or form by the couple. There are allegations of sexual abuse, drugging and other things that you can read about in our news section, but as of now it does not seem like charges have been filed. These allegations have entered since the creation of social media and camera phones. They have also come out since T.I. got “woke” and helped flip Georgia blue and declined to endorse Donald Trump.

A stretch? I don’t know about that.

I BET I could create an online furor in a day, using my phone on just about any star, especially a controversial and polarizing one. Could somebody be trying to destroy T.I.? I am not making a judgement on to the allegations, but a lot of people are. With no proof, trial are charges, people on Clubhouse – for example – said that Tip and Tiny need to be in JAIL. Already? Jail? I know that Black women in particular have a disdain for T.I. for a number of things he has said in the past, but emotions don’t equal criminal charges. I am going to wait for folks to take their 20 or so cases to the proper authorities with their evidence, claims and whatever else they have to actualize a scenario where they can get somebody jailed. Social media and gossip won’t do that. Its 2021….you got the power now.

This is going to be a crazy year!!! Damn…2021 said “Hold my beer” and went IN.

By the way, I heard T.I. and Tiny have been recording their reality TV show so…I wonder if they will include this in any way?

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