Are There AI Songs Of Your Favorite Rappers Leaking?

Are rappers cloning other rappers using AI and releasing fake collaborations?

I will not give exacts yet, because I have yet to prove it. But, I have been sent several tracks from notable rappers. And the people are songs are HUGE names that are on tracks with unlikely rappers. These other rappers are more underground and street. We know pop rappers love to get their credibility locked in, by partnering with the most credible street rappers. Well, that is exactly what I am seeing!

But, those collaborations ARE transactional. The street emcees get a boost too, and a new audience. So, where does Artificial Intelligence come in? We know now that this is happening. We interviewed Ice-T a ways ago and he talked about getting his voice cloned. Check that out.

Beyond that, deep fake and AI have proven that we can mimic almost any artist or person. Famous people tend to have a lot of legacy video, audio, and songs that AI can draw from. And, I am being told that some artists are creating new songs that sound JUST LIKE well known rappers. But what they do is they create a whole verse of the AI, but don’t tag the name-brand rapper. So, it sounds just like them, but they are not giving the credit publishing or anything like away. And it goes more or less viral. Word of mouth makes it seems like “This rapper” has a new unreleased song with “That rapper.” Everybody wins.

I guess this could go horribly wrong if the rapper that is being mimicked gets mad and sues. For now, the fans of said-rapper has some pretty exclusive music. What if it ain’t AI and it is literally the rapper doing secret music. That would be even cooler.

By the way, it ain’t Kendrick.