Asap Ferg Faces Nicki Minaj’s Barb’s Wrath!

Nicki Minaj is somewhere trying to have a baby and she is somehow trending with Ferg.

(AllHipHop Rumors) ASAP Ferg dropped a new song with Nicki Minaj…so why are the Barbs going after the Harlem rapper? It all went down like this…

As you know now, the rappers have a song together called “Move Ya Hips” which isn’t bad at all. The only thing is, most people didn’t truly hear about the song like that. To make things worse, the Barbs tried to push the song to Number 1 in an effort to support Nicki Minaj. Ferg was the conduit! So they went and played the song over and over and over…annnnnd…it debuted at #19.

The Barbs don’t play and they lit him up with the trending topic: #Asapfergisoverparty! Reminder to self: don’t F with These Barbs! But, the real issue they had/have with Ferg is that he did not submit the song to all the places that record the streams of the song. They suspect their efforts were not being counted! They directly blame Ferg even though he probably had nothing to do with it at all.

There is a good side to all of this. More people were blessed to know about this song since it was trending. Good for the internet…help Ferg to hate Ferg to help Ferg again. Its a twisted piece of irony! 

Let us help him more!

They are really mad…

And some people lashed BACK at the Barbs!

Hope yall VOTE with the same energy! 

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