ASAP Nast & Ian Connor Believe Travis Scott Jacked Their Style


ASAP Nast & Ian Connor are accusing Travis Scott of jacking their style. They said they have been killing the game for a while. They said they don’t want beef and they “f*ck” with his music, but they said his style is not original. Everyone was the “first” to do something huh? Nast said,

“Travis, we don’t want no beef with you bro. All we’re saying is please stop stealing our swag bro. Find your own bro. That’s all we want. I actually f### with your music. Your music is fire. I ain’t no hater. I don’t want n—as to think I’m salty. I ain’t salty. I f### with his music. But his style! That doesn’t belong to him. It’s mine.”

“No, I’m not the first n—a rocking Stone Island, the first n—a to throw Nike, I ain’t the first nothing. But I am the first East Coast rap n—a to ever be wearing Stone Island fo sho that anybody knows and gives a f### about. That’s for the record.”

“Yo, just for the record, only n—as that was rocking Stone Island before me was London n—as and Paris n—as, And them my n—as, I salute.”

Ian also called Travis Scott out for blocking him on Twitter! ASAP Nast wants Scott to stop riding his wave!

Check out the rant below! What are your thoughts?