Asian Doll Faces Internet Trolls After Asian-Themed B-day Party Announcement

asian doll

Asian Doll issues apology after Indian-themed birthday invite causes social media uproar. But, is it actually cultural appropriation?

Asian Doll knows controversy. In the past, her impassioned stances have been polarizing. So, how could a birthday invite become offensive? Well, it has actually happened. Recently, she announced her, “Escapes to India” themed birthday party. Unbeknownst to Asian Da Brat, this would lead to a tremendous amount of internet trolling.

Perhaps, this intense criticism is what lead the “No Exposing” rapper to delete her Instagram account. Many people have gone on to accuse the Dallas, TX native of cultural appropriation. See, this is an instance of the internet being a whole hypocrite.

The birthday invite does not possess any instances of demeaning jabs at the Asian culture. Nor, does it contain any pejorative undertones. Back in February, Asian Doll, did tweet out her thoughts about Indian food being “nasty.” That, in no way, justifies any leap to landing on cultural appropriation.

Embracing caution, Queen Von has issued a terse apology. “If I offended anyone I’m sorry. I’m still having my party tho [sic] just come as you are”

Along with an array of responses, check out her apology:

Why is it that Black people are often encouraged to turn cheeks and be unyieldingly inclusive; whereas, other ethnic groups are allowed to be exclusionary?