Asian Doll Gets Massive King Von Tat, Internet Judges Her

King Von & Asian Doll

People are crying “Big Kap” ovver Asian Doll’s otherwise beautiful ode to King Von!

I do not think anybody knows what it’s like to lose a loved one like King Von. And the rapper was literally on top of the world and rising faster than a spaceship. We saw the potential that he held and we can’t say that many people knew it more than Asian Doll. The rapper and the lady rapper were a couple and that was something that it seems like she cherished deeply.

She went back-and-forth over Von’s last words, which I thought were pretty dope except that his manager refuted it. Either way, I am going to say those were his last words to her and that they were dope. Maybe it was cap 🧢, maybe not. At any rate, I don’t care because the truth is not always on trial. Just ask Gucci Mane. AnyWho, Asian doll went and got a massive King Von tattoo on her hand. I know that had to hurt!

She got a tattoo that’s pretty impressive in it is a testament to her love for the rapper. If she didn’t like him so much, she might have gotten his name or something more discrete but she got a huge tattoo of his face on her hand into her fingers. There is no way that that tattoo is ever coming off or getting covered up! Just ask Gucci Mane, who still has an ice cream cone tattooed on his face! Dairy products aside, homegirl is being critiqued for getting such a large display of affection posthumously.

The internets are saying that it’s for the clout! They are questioning her love and adoration for King Von. I’m not in a position to do that but I am in a position to report back what folks are saying and that is exactly what they are saying. 

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