Look Who Is Trolling Russell Wilson For Future!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Petty level 100!

After news spread that Future fans were circulating a petition to have Future sing the National Anthem at the Atlanta Falcons Vs. the Seattle Seahawks game spread, we just learned that the Atlanta Falcon’s official DJ, DJ Jay Envy has confirmed that he will indeed be playing Future’s music during the team’s play off game this weekend.

This is petty indeed. They just won’t let the Seattle Seahawks’s quarterback a.k.a. Future’s ex-fiancee/baby mama, Ciara’s, new husband be great.

Since the idea of Future singing the anthem as well as its accompanying petition was shot down, Future’s allies had to sneak that music in somehow.

It’s all ridiculous to me. Future has no reason to be beefing with Russell, and their fan bases really have no business going at each other’s throats.

Although Atlanta-native and Falcons’ DJ Jay Envy says he’s playing Future’s music because he was raised in South Atlanta, we know why he really is . LOL.

Well Future Hive, there will be quite a bit of Future music played before and during the game this weekend. The funny thing is, I feel like Wilson doesn’t even care. Future might as well start working on all of them being a nicely blended family honestly.


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