Atlanta Prosecutor Says There Will Be More People Hit With The RICO! In 60 Days!

Young Thug Gunna

Young Thug and Gunna aren’t the only ones that the Fulton County DA is gunning for! She said she’s going to hit more people with the RICO in 60 days!

Who Is Next?

The DA in Fulton County, GA – Fani T. Willis – is not playing. She is on a rampage! As you already know, she hit Young Thug and Ghana and a bunch of other people with some serious RICO charges. Gang and racketeering! Basically, she saying that they are moving like an organized crime unit, terrorizing the city. This is something that they vehemently deny, and they have the backing of Kevin Liles and their consortium of defenders in the music industry.

That case is ongoing, but Fani T. Willis has alluded to there being another sweep in the racketeering and gang charges that will calm down within the next 60 days! She is not playing. Now, the question is who!? Furthermore, will these people even be rappers? Rappers make headlines. The lines have severely been blurred between music and criminals in hip-hop. So, we have to ask the question because it doesn’t seem to have any difference at this moment.

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Obviously, Atlantic records and the like are going to say that this is only art. However, the authorities, who do quite a thorough job investigating, are going to argue that there’s more to it than that. In fact, they allude to the idea that the art actually can serve as evidence against the defendants.

So, who could it be? I have no idea. I am definitely not tapped in enough to know who it is or who it could be. But, there are folks that do. I would imagine that anybody in the life out there is shaking in their boots right now. Or not. This is the life they allegedly chose. As for me, I would be scared because I am not cut from that cloth. I’m like Gunna.

I am not sure we can claim racism on this one. First of all you have a Black woman at the helm of this investigation. Second of all, I think we’d be lying to ourselves saying that we don’t have some real problems with violence in our own communities. This may make her a villain, but we have to make our community safe somehow. Now, are Young Thug and Gunna the right people to be targeting? That’s another story altogether. But, universally there is a need for us to fix ourselves. I’m not sure if you can do that without the help of larger forces.