August Alsina Calls Tory Lanez A “4’11” Leprechaun” After Alleged Assault

Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez is accused of beating up and bloodying the mouth of August Alsina. This is a different kind of entanglement altogether.


August Alsina just went out there and said it. The singer, know for being a side nixxa for a well-known actress, is now in an entanglement of a different sort. He was reportedly punched by another singer Tory Lanez. The Canadian is also known as the dude that allegedly put a hot one in Megan Thee Stallion’s foot.

This time, August claims he was attacked at a concert last night and gave the details in vivid form on social media. Check out his account.

As I’m exiting the building after the show last night, A 4’11 sized leprechaun ran down on me w/ 8 oversized security nigxas, whom I greeted each individually upon their walk up as they tried to press me.
Whole time, I’m one deep. No security. Tory continues to ask w/ a broken ego why I didn’t dap him up, I go on to tell him.. I was a fan of him and didn’t understand him speaking on my business publicly In the past, because I don’t know him or ever met him until last night. So when he spoke it caught me off guard because of his past actions, i assumed he didn’t like me, that’s all. Not to mention, with my history of health & condition just recently overcoming being paralyzed, my doctor directed me not to compromise my health while out on road and shake as less hands as possible due to corona, & monkeypox.

Never any disrespectful words were exchanged, so i was a bit confused at how somehow he turnt him self up w/ anger after hitting a blunt laced with cocaine obviously, (i heard the fizzle) and he snuck me when I turned my head to move to the side amongst all his antsy moving and to keep an eye on
the endless n##### that was w/ him surrounding me.

Which was security and some nigxa with a gun tucked… whom he then proceeded to run behind and hide to run back in the building. There was never a “fight”! Simply an Assault. Dude has no real friends, and is on a crash out mission. With that said, I was gone keep it G & not come to the net, but you moving with foul intent feeding falsities to blogs to look for a “moment” c## them moments ain’t happening on stage for u. 
I will assist you in that, gracefully.  His ppl got the whole thing on camera, PUT. THE. FOOTAGE. OUT!! I’d like to see it 🙂 anyway, leme go clean this blood off my face w/ some @encinawellness

Now, Tory has stated on his own account that he was in the studio and does not know what people are talking about. 👀

I hope he knows that won’t hold up in court if AA decides to take the stand. Also, I am thinking this could hurt TL in his case with Meg. Anyway!

Look at the alleged after affects of the alleged sucker punch.

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Not sure why he took the picture like that, but it looks crazy. That’s a strong leprechaun, B.

So, why?

The beef apparently stems from some “shots” Tory took at August over the entanglement with Jada Pinkett Smith a few years go. August probably gave him a frosty vibe and Tory wanted some love from his boy. Anyway, I hope people learn to grown tf up.