Auto-Tune Link Up! Guess Whose Collaboration Is On The Way?!


(AllHipHop Rumors) At first T-Pain and Travis Scott seemed to hint that they wouldn’t mind collaborating, but now it’s really going down!

T-Pain & Travis Scott are already known for their use of auto-tune in rap music, and it looks like we will now also know them for what could be an awesome collaboration.

Travis tweeted out,

“T-Pain……la flame.”

and T-Pain seemingly invited Travis to reach out to him by phone so the two could link up!

Fans quickly responded to the possibility of the collaboration, with the vast majority of them being here for it.

Apparently this all started from a fan telling T-Pain that no one could use auto-tune better than him, with T-Pain replying with a correction that named Travis as the best user.

Well apparently it’s no longer just a possibility of them linking. Screen shots of text messages have hit the ‘net that show that a session for T-Pain and Scott had in fact been booked! Are you ready for this collaboration?

Heck should they do an entire project together, or just one track?

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