Azealia Banks Believes Jay Z Should Hire Her!


(AllHipHop Rumors) It looks like crazy azz Azealia Banks is campaigning for a position over at Roc Nation.

Y’all know Jay Z ain’t going for it. Banks has accused many of stealing her rap style and fashion style over the last few years. It’s really to no surprise that she took to her Instagram to accuse SZA of biting her style also. Apparently she thinks she inspired SZA’s look with SZA [in her mind] striving to copy the “genius” that is Azealia Banks.

One fan told Banks that she needed to focus on herself so that she can one day get signed.

“Girl focus on yourself…..Roc nation will sign you once you do that.” said the fan.

Banks replied by saying,

“@Shoppingbaggwatts it’s just silly at this point. Roc Nation nation is always trying to recreate my sh-t with their female artists. It’s actually quite silly. They should just hire me to A&R all of these projects the right way.”

It ain’t happening sis! You blew every chance you had to do anything. Do you think Banks would be a good A&R though?

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