Is Azealia Banks Suicidal? Messages Have Folks Worried.

Azealia Banks has a message suggesting she is about to kill herself.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Azealia Banks is back at it. I hope she does not kill herself. So, lets start there before I get going. But, she is back in the news again and it has nothing to do with music. She has released several disturbing messages (to some) suggesting that she is going to kill herself. 

Here is a summary I stole from DailyMail, in case you don’t wanna read it all:

  • Azealia Banks, 29, suggested that she planned to end her own life sometime in the future on Instagram Saturday
  • Her text posts said her ‘soul is tired,’ and she vowed to finish her ongoing music first
  • In Disturbing audio posts from early Sunday morning, the rapper said she planned to seek out ‘voluntary euthanasia’ in a slurred message
  • She also revealed a friend had visited her to do a wellness check
  • She lambasted friends and family for ignoring her pleas for help. ‘Don’t just respond to me when I’m ready to go’ 

Now, here are the details. 

On Instagram, she started people with some of the stuff she said like, “‘Yea, I think I’m done here. This pandemic, extreme lack of social interaction, no intimacy, combined with constant public ridicule is making life harder than its worth. I think I will end my tenure here on earth soon.”

She continued: “I’m not begging for attention or asking for sympathy/empathy……. I’m just ready to go. Peacefully of course, I will document my last times and release a film for you all to finally understand me, From my perspective. My soul is tired. I’m ready to go.”

I hope she gets the help she needs. Not sure why she would make these proclamations if this is not a play for attention. Anyway, she is definitely in need of help and has for a long time. Go get ya fam! 

She claims she is going to finish these projects before doing anything rash. 

“I will try my best to finish the projects I promised I would beforehand. With whatever strength Is left,” she wrote. “Please don’t bombard me with messages. I am not in pain. I am at peace.”