Azealia Banks Is Allegedly Threatened With A Gun!

Banks is back in the news again, but this time it’s  serious.

(AllHipHop Rumors) According to Azealia Banks, her neighbor, who is white, pulled a gun out on her.

Banks alleges that this neighbor knocked on her Southern California home door after the threats. The rapper took to her Instagram live to let her fans know that she was afraid of going to the police about the incident because they were going to take his side. She also says that she is the only black person living on her street.

The 28-year-old was so afraid, she gave her address to her fans asking them for help. The police came to her residence and she says the neighbor never had a gun. She also says she will be moving back home to New York to work on an album. 

Now we all know Azealia is known for being very vocal and her credibility is in shambles, but if this incident did happen like she said it did, then let’s hope she finds the courage to report this.