Azealia Banks Reportedly Once Cut Her Own Sister With A Box Cutter


(AllHipHop Rumors) Although everyone has written off troubled rapper Azealia Banks, more and more details about her troubled behavior continue to emerge.

Banks’ recent run-ins with the law and arrests are nothing new of the sort. However, details of a previous assault by Banks on a family member have now emerged.

Fix it Jesus! Azealia was previously taken into custody for slicing and dicing her own sister wit a box cutter. Sometimes family can be worst than your friends or enemies people.

According to NYDaily, Azealia slashed her sister in the hand, neck, and arm back in April 2009.

Although it’s fairly unknown what lead up to the incident, no one is really on Banks’ side thinking that it could’ve been self defense. In fact, most are believing that it was probably the exact opposite. Banks is always involved in some type of altercation, so it probably didn’t take much to tick her off.

The box cutter incident surfaced as prosecutors have been trying to prove that Banks is a violent and confrontational person while she’s on trial for last year’s fight in NY. This shouldn’t be hard to prove with the girl’s history of violence and altercations.

In interesting news, Banks plans to represent herself in court, but, we don’t even know if she will show up.

Why can’t anyone intervene and make the girl get some help?!