Azealia Banks Throws More Shade At Iggy Azalea, Wants To Shake The Table With Jay Z!


(AllHipHop Rumors) That darn Azealia Banks!

Just when it looked like Azealia Banks and Iggy Azalea may actually be collaborating, Banks decided to take to the gram and clear the air while throwing some subtle shade at Iggy.

In what appeared to be more of a cry for attention than really a truly genuine effort, Azealia recently made it known that she would like to collaborate with Iggy on a track.

Iggy seemed to hint that the collaboration would end up coming about, and Banks told the world that Iggy spoke prematurely.

“Hi guys, just a bit of info- Iggy and I haven’t officially agreed to collaborate just yet. Although SUPER flattering, her announcement was very premature, as I have still yet to hear which track it is she would like me to feature on! I’m very keen to make sure this moment in female empowerment comes to full fruition, and am still patiently awaiting the song Iggy will send me for review,” said Banks.

Even though it wasn’t that shady, most people felt that Azealia didn’t have to make the post at all, and she kind of took away from what was supposed to be a girl power moment, in Hip Hop.

I’m not sure anyone wants a collaborative single from these two anyway.

Banks is also [still] campaigning hard to get Jay Z to hire her at Tidal. She also wants him to hire her at Roc Nation, as she believes she will be a great A&R.

“Jay-Z needs to hire me to work at Tidal. I would smash it. The ideas I have for it just off of fooling around with the interface a bit are really f-cking good. They need loads of GOOD original content and some more secret tricks I won’t write here. But, there is an opportunity to SERIOUSLY snatch up a lot of space in this new streaming consumer market.”

Iggy needs to stay far away from Banks before she casts a spell on her, and rather than be a businesswoman for Jay, Banks is probably trying to be another Becky. LOL. Jay is smarter than that, and I can’t fathom him jeopardizing any parts of his brand(s) to even have a convo with Azealia.

What are your thoughts?