Beast Out Ma! Ed Lover Is Disappointed In Nicki Minaj’s “ShETHER” Response


(AllHipHop Rumors) Nicki Minaj fails to realize that no matter how well your “diss” record is charting, it’s still wack to the majority of Hip Hop fans.

Like the rest of us, veteran DJ Ed Lover has been waiting for a true Nicki Minaj response to Remy Ma bodying the girl on “ShETHER”.

Ed Lover’s passion and fervor for a true response from Nicki was more heightened than the average fan because he’s been in the game so long, and he’s seen plenty of historic rap battles. A battle between a Queens and Bronx rapper is supposed to be epic all the way around.

Although in Nicki’s mind, she truly believes that she came at Remy’s head on “No Frauds,” Lover feels that she basically took an L.

“Mama, you gotta beast out now. We from the thorough borough of Queens, New York. Legendary rap beefs. You gotta beast out Ma. You can’t do one verse, you gotta do a whole song,” said Ed Lover.

Lover even reminded Nicki about the historic rap battles that came before her such as that between LL Cool J and Kool Moe Dee, Nas and Jay-Z, and KRS-1 and MC Shan.

Many believe that Nicki was wack for giving Remy a verse as well as having Lil Wayne and Drake on the “diss” record. While Nicki seems to be stressing that she’s about hit records and not diss records, she was still supposed to deliver just off of how Hip Hop and it’s battles work in general.

Barbie Nicki took too long to respond, and Remy is indifferent now, so I feel that this beef has truly ran its course.