Benzino And Daughter Coi Leray Are Beefing!

Benzino and his daughter Coi Leray are beefing! Why!?

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Benzino and his daughter Coi Leray are beefing! HOW!?! Something has to be sacred in this life of sin. ALAS, nothing is! Ever since Zino and Royce were beefing and Coi’s name got into it…I felt something would go awry. Well, it has. Benzino got called out in a song and it set off a toxic chain of events.

Here are the song bars from “No More Parties”:

I’m too busy getting this money
Counting this cheddar
My daddy let me down
But I promise you I won’t let up
I wanna say f##k that man
But this sh#t won’t make me better
Me and my brother still beefin’ right now
‘Cause he ain’t get that letter

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Benzino still a man and a dad. She put that in a song? You know Zino was not going to let that slide!  Here is a summation of his clap-back and then you can check out more vids below. Here is what I found online.

  1. First of all, he maintains he made all the money and fully financially supported Coi, her brothers and their Mom even when his ex got remarried.
    2. Doesn’t believe he should be called out in “No More Parties” as he did the best he could.
    3. Coi is his only daughter.
    4. Doesn’t like how shes trying to paint the situation and make him a bad guy.
    5. He made a lot of enemies during his career.
    6. He didn’t want her to drop out of school and smoke weed…admits he was wild too though lol the nerve
    7. Gives his family background. He was raised in the streets. Says he would never disrespect his parents and these kids today have no respect for their elders.
    8. Says he blames her mother…bahaha!
    9. Says Coi says she doesn’t need him but she always brings his name up. He says Angela Yee hates him and made Coi say bad stuff about him. His issue with Angela Yee is from her talking ish about him. He says he won’t let her get away with talking about him.
    10. Says Coi is a kid. She is 23.
    11. Says he wasn’t an absent father and he tries to call Coi and talk about it but she wants to be the victim…hmmm
    12. Says his sons adore him and would never treat him like Coi.
    13. Calls her a clout chaser…says she should’ve kept it private.

Benzino seems genuinely hurt by the song.

She went at her pops:

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And pops went back at his daughter:

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