Bernice Burgos Clears Up Rumors On Her Involvement With T.I. & Drake!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Bernice Burgos is one of those women who are to be seen and NOT heard. LAWD.

Bernice Burgos must have been a filler guest on The Breakfast Club because no one else can make sense of her booking other than the men in Hip Hop she’s allegedly been linked to.

As you know, Burgos has been drug through the mud for allegedly being one of the home wreckers to mess up T.I. and Tiny’s marriage.

Burgos’ interview on TBC seemed to confirm folk’s belief that she is inarticulate and a bit “slow”.

Of course the station had to address the rumors of Burgos’ involvement with T.I., and the Instagram model is now changing up her story.

When the rumors first hit the net that Bernice was messing around with Tip, Bernice was on social media being petty and sending shots at Tiny, and responding to Tiny’s responses with more disrespect.

Bernice even went as far as saying that Tip and Tiny’s marriage had been broken long before she was in the picture. Now on TBC, she flips the script and says she doesn’t know what the big deal was because she was only introduced to Tip on business. She claims the introduction was for her to be in a movie. Bye girl! Liar; liar.

She was also asked if she and Drake were ever really fooling around also, and she claims that Drake wasn’t the one to buy her her Bentley but they are still very cool. Sounds like Drake and Tip smashed if you ask me!

“Oh come on….Well actually it was a gift. I did have a gift. I’m a nice girl…. I did a trade on my car. So it’s going to make it seem like a guy bought me a car….Even though whoever did it…It was somebody else. It was somebody who was in my life and is still in my life. Drake is the sweetest person ever. He’s always been good to me and I’ve always been good to him… How we stop kicking it? Friends is friends,” said Bernice.

I so wanted her to be brains and beauty….especially at her age, but carry on!

Check out the clips below and let me know your thoughts.

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