The Beyhive Bleeds For Beyonce


Many members of Beyonce’s Beyhive need mental health evaluations!

Queen Bey recently performed at the Tidal X benefit concert in Brooklyn, and during her set, Bey’s earring got caught on her braid and was ripped out of her ear causing everyone’s favorite performer to bleed on stage.

In true Bey fashion, she continued performing killing her performance of “Haunted”.

Sure it would be normal to feel bad for the superstar, but count on the stans to take it TOO FAR. Apparently some of the Beyhive felt that if Beyonce must bleed, then they should as well.

Not too long after Beyonce’s performance, #CutForBeyonce and #BleedForBeyonce hashtags appeared on Twitter. It seems that a few fans began cutting themselves in solidarity with the Queen.

The fans claimed if Beyonce must bleed and endure pain then they must experience the same pain to unify and leak their blood to restore her spirits.

Unfortunately we can’t attribute this to trolling because these celebrities’ stans always take it to the max with their antics.

These people are special kinds of fools we swear. Enjoy the music and become mentally stable PLEASE.