Beyonce Had A Secret Party In New York

Beyonce Renaissance

Beyonce had a special 70s themed “secret” party for her new album, Renaissance.

Beyoncé had a “secret” Renaissance party in NYC over the weekend and had all the freaks out. Check this out.

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So, here are the deets. The Queen had her official release party in NYC for the album Renaissance. The album is already a hit, topping the charts. The album was played three times in a row compliments of DJ Questlove. If you look at the images above, you will see that it was likely evoking Studio 54 vibes or something like that. Donald Glover, for example, evoked Freddie Mercury. Others, like Jill Scott, had looser fits.

“Club Renaissance” brought out Donald Glover, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kendrick Lamar,Janelle Monae, and Chloe Bailey and more. I wish I was invited!