Beyoncé Has Another Extinction Event Planned With Renaissance!


Beyonce does not play and her album roll out for Renaissance is looking even crazier than we thought. The latest in rumors suggests she’s going to terminate the competition

What is Beyoncé up to?

Everybody’s waiting for the queen to drop her latest project, Renaissance. However, new information has suggested that she is about to do something more game changing than previously known. First of all, we know that she has released her new single “Break My Soul,” which has already gotten her accolades for bringing back dance music.

We also know that people have already begun to remix it with a number of samples and reworking. What we don’t know is what she is up to in totality. And that is where the rumor comes in. Apparently the language on the album release suggest strongly that this project will be one of three. That’s right, fans you can expect a trilogy from Beyoncé. And I find that to be groundbreaking. And game changing! Why?

As we move further and further away from quality albums and profound musical material, we see Beyoncé going in the opposite direction. Like Lloyd Banks and Naws and others we are seeing a resurgence of albums from traditional artists that have wide ranging cachet.

Anyway, here’s what the language on the promo material say about the album and you tell me what you think.

Six years after ‘Lemonade’, finally arrives the new album of unreleased songs by BEYONCE ‘, out on Friday 29th July. Composed of 16 new tracks, it is titled ‘Renaissance Act I’ and will be the first disc of a celebratory trilogy of black music and culture with many samples of past hits. The new songs will be uptempo with a strong dance, house and even techno orientation. Among the producers of ‘Renaissance Act I’, in addition to BEYONCE itself ‘appear, among others, Ryan Tedder and Raphael Saadiq. , is a proof of this. Entitled ‘Break My Soul’, it is already at # 22 in the ranking of the most played singles by Italian radios and is preparing to become one of this summer’s hits. In Italy ‘Renaissance Act 1’ will only be available on softpack CD with 24 page booklet.

I can’t talk more about Beyoncé without mentioning Jay-Z, her doting husband. There’s still no true evidence that Jay-Z has an album coming. My rumors yielded nothing! Nevertheless, I think that she has to be working on something. Right now, people are in the legacy business. And when you are in the legacy business, you don’t let the competition get one up on you. And we know that Jay-Z, more than almost any other rapper, is aware that they are our competitors looking to become the goat that he is. They’ve always been there but NAS and PREMIER are working together now! Drake is dropping hit after hit after hit! And even others like Kendrick Lamar have been regarded as goats in this present day. We have to get Jay-Z to drop an album!

Anyway Beyoncé is looking like she’s about to create an extinction level event on everybody moving.

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