Beyonce’s Beyhive Drags Azealia Banks To Hell


Photo via Azelia Banks’ Instagram

In a time when Hip Hop is lacking in female emcees, Azealia Banks chooses to be a professional troll. Where’s the music Azealia?! It seems like the girl is so miserable. It seems like everyone has their own fan base that is ready for petty social media trolling when something goes down, but by now everyone should know not to mess with Beyonce’s Beyhive, Rihanna’s navy, and Nicki Minaj’s Barbz. Banks recently tweeted,

“The “queen” is about to treat us to some more of her terrible acting. LOL. I love it.”

The Beyhive felt that the remarks were directed toward Beyonce with her upcoming HBO special, and they decided to drag her to hell and back. Some wondered if she could’ve been referring to Nicki Minaj as ‘Barbershop The Next Cut’ will hit theaters soon. Nicki isn’t often referred to as the rap Queen [Lil’ Kim] but some may argue for obvious reasons that she has been the Queen for the last few years. Who do you think Azealia was referring to?

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Azealia Banks Beyhive