LiL Kim Replies To Bhad Bhabie’s Shady Comment!

Bhad Bhabie must want to bumble with the bee, huh? A hex may be coming!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Whatever you may say about Lil Kim, she is always going to be our Queen Bee. She’s iconic to say the least. And then there is Bhad Bhabie, who at the age of 17 came in the game on some reality TV sh#t. I will not pretend to love this chick because she came in the game in the most ghetto and unappealing way, but had she be Black, she would been regarded as ghetto trash. Now, Bhad Bhabie is here and there is very little we can do about that. But I refuse to let this day come to an end without responding to the jab at Lil Kim. F#CK THAT!

RECAP: Bhad Bhabie was being criticized for wearing blackface, essentially make-up that was too dark. She responded to the shade by taking a shot at Lil Kim, saying she wears foundation that is too light for her brown skin. Why’d she go an do a thing like that?

Kim responded, but kept it “classy” with a foreboding message. 

Anyway, maybe Kim shouldn’t bother. What is crazy is Kim used to be on Atlantic Records and how this fake rapper is there. I am sorry…I just hate how this privileged brat is dissing a queen!