Big Pun Beef Rages On With Family And Fat Joe

Big Pun In Twinz

Big Pun’s family is still at odds with Fat Joe.

The war of a Big Pun’s legacy rides is on. I was not going to report on this, because this is family business, in my opinion. But I guess I will now, because it is not going away.

As we reported last week, and we broke the story, Big Pun has a new street named after him. It’s a wonderful thing for Hip Hop and The Bronx specifically. If you’re not celebrating, you must be a hater!. But here at we love Big Pun and respect him as an artist and even a family man. Now, that may sound weird because there’s been a lot of propaganda about him, but his family loves him to this day and fought vigorously to get him this street. Big Pun Plaza is here!

That said, Fat Joe, Big Pun’s Twin and friend, did not show up. And in a detailed post on social media he explained why he did not show up. What do you think about that is your business and I will keep my opinions to myself. I do understand Joe’s sentiments though. Him and Liza, Big Pun’s wife, have had a long running beef and friction between them. The family has been homeless, destitute and all types of stuff. Chris Rivers a.k.a. Dragon Rivers, is out here doing the do and making a way as an artist without any help from the industry. Fat Joe could’ve helped him, but has stayed completely away from the family.

So, now people like Cuban Link – another of Pun’s Twinz – have responded to fat Joe, even Big Pun’s sister is saying something and she is not playing any games with y’all. I looked at her face, as cute as it was, and understood that I would never cross this woman! I hate to be posting drama, but it just seems to be playing out so publicly. To Fat Joe’s credit, I don’t think he’s going “back and forth,” but did address it that one time. This is sensitive stuff! We have to find a way to continue to pay respects to our pioneers and talents that I’ve gone before us. Big Pun is definitely one of those people and we will continue to salute him in perpetuity as long as we can.

That said, I hope that there can be some healing between all of these people, because beef is bad. Times are tough.