Birdman Shuts Down Tyga’s Claim That Cash Money Owes Him $12 Million!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Someone’s lying!

Now we can look at Lil Wayne’s case and a few other lawsuits and see that Birdman is no stranger to “owing” artists, so it actually seemed somewhat plausible to many that Birdman could actually owe Tyga some coins, like Tyga claimed recently. Well it seemed to make sense to everyone but Birdman.

Tyga claims Birdman owes him $12 million, and Birdman is calling BS!

According to TMZ, inside sources have actually revealed that Tyga is actually the one who walked away still owing Cash Money Records an album!

Apparently the label had no problem releasing Tyga as they state that his sales were low and slow.

It seemed like everything was cool with Tyga when he left Cash Money for Ye’s G.O.O.D. Music in 2016, but apparently not, as Tyga is claiming the Cash Money boss owes him millions.

Tyga supposedly isn’t even suing for money which makes the claim seem a little bogus.

“What person says they won’t sue if they’re owed $12 million?” said the source.

Do you think Birdman really owes Tyga $12 million?

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