Black History Month Police Car Upsets Everybody

Cop Police Officer

People want an end to police brutality, but – in Miami – they got a red, black and green police cruiser in the hood. What do you think?

This world is coming to an end and nothing can convince me otherwise. Miami is not a bad place to live, but it is a crazy place to live. The home of people like Nore, Rick Ross, Trick Daddy, Uncle Luke and Trina has had its share of stories to tell, but this one just about takes the whole cake.

Miami Mayor Ponzi Postalita Francis Suarez decided it was time to go viral today and disgust just about everybody. He decided on this day of our Lord to debut a Black History Month police car. Not only is this in the shadow of an egregious case of police brutality in Memphis, but it is overall wack. Blue Lives Matter and Black Lives Matter hates it. Furthermore, it has to be the absolute most tone deaf moment ever in American history.

Check this out.

What sort of mess is this? Is he trolling? Everything I have seen points this to a genuine effort that just flopped. This is what happens when you don’t have any friends, Black or Caucasian. Anything but systemic change, yo, I swear.

What do you think?