Black Ink Crew’s Phor Wants Maury Povich’s Help!

Phor is unsure if a 17-year-old girl is his daughter.

Phor from Black Ink Crew: Chicago wants social media to help him get on the Maury show. 

On Thursday, Phor posted a side by side photo of him and a young lady who may or may not be his daughter. He also made sure to tag the Maury show in hopes the talk show host would help him by providing a DNA test.

 He also went to the extremes of changing his profile picture to Maury’s face and posting another image of him on his page.

I believe Phor knows the DNA results to this already and is just kidding around. Not only that, the young lady looks exactly like him. 

Rather he is playing or not, I don’t think social media is the right place to put your business out there. 

What y’all think? Do you think he is playing around or he really needs help in finding out the paternity?