Black Lives Matter And Other Activists Get Called Out By The Families Of Those Killed By Cops

Black Lives Matter

This is about to get deep!

Numerous activist have sprouted up in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement. But it seems like there has been some tremendous pushback on some of those louder voices, prominent activist and others that have stepped to the forefront as the fight has intensified.

I have noticed this rumbling in the undercurrent for quite some time, but it is really coming forward now. Not too long ago, I think a week or so ago, the father of Michael Brown criticized Black Lives Matter, the organization, because it was found that they made $90 million in profit, excuse me donations, last year alone. They disclosed that $21.7 million went to various boots-on-the-ground organizations. I don’t know exactly what Michael Brown, Sr. makes year to year nor do I know if they donate money to these families as they raking in the money, but I am going to assume that they don’t.

Mr. Brown said the following:

“We’re asking that Black Lives Matter leadership funds $20 million to Ferguson organizers, organizations, and community foundations to do the work. We’re not begging for a handout; we’re coming for what we deserve.”

Tory Russell, a well known Ferguson activist and co-founder of International Black Freedom Alliance said:

“What kind of movement are we building where we’re saying ‘Black Lives Matter’ but the freedom fighters and the families are being left behind? Where’s our restitution? Where’s our organizing? Where’s our building of a movement?”

They have a point. Ask any Black Panther or freedom fighter from the 60’s!

So this brings us to the current day, last night at the Grammys Lil  Baby gave one of the most powerful performances of the evening. He, to a performance art backdrop of social unrest and police brutality, performed his hit song “ The Bigger Picture.” And he killed it! It was nothing short of amazing! For a more powerful show, he brought in active is Tamika Mallory and Killer Mike, the man from Run The Jewels. Mallory went straight at President Biden and made a plea to him for justice, equity, policy and other things such as more help.

And while the performance was well-received, the mother of Tamir Rice – Samaria Rice – was not impressed. In fact she went all the way off!

In a series of social media post, she blasted everyone from Tamika Mallory to Attorney Ben Crump. I will not even try to paraphrase.

Samaria Rice’s words:

“I’m tired of you black lives matters (Tamika Mallory and crew) bhes that’s riding theses family back and yall ambulance chasing Attorneys ( Ben Crump) (Lee Merrick) too yall have fk up our fight and yall can kiss my as too….Make it make sense….You can’t working with devil is easy too do.”

“This movement got me fk up and ready to fk you up. I have tried to stay off this st. Tamike [sic] and the crew you b***hes chasing clout along with, Sonney, Crump , and Lee. Yall have literally fk our fight up. I hope not another family soul used yall to represent them…Yall might ass well be junior pigs cops…..I’m mad ass yell (she meant hell). Another thing, not one of you mf lost anything in this fight….robbing your own people from getting justice….They won’t talk to me cause they know I’m not with bull st.””Look at this clout chaser. Did she lose something in this fight? I don’t think so. That’s the problem. They take us for a joke. Thats why we never have justice, cause of st like this,” Rice said.

She called Mallory a “clout chaser,” suggesting that the activist had lost nothing in the “fight.” “That’s the problem. They take us for a joke. Thats why we never have justice, cause of st like this,” Rice said of the Grammy performance. “Fk a Grammy when my son is dead. F**k all pigs cops.”

For those those that do not know, there is a good reason why she is so p#####. Her son Tamir was killed by the cops at the age of 12. He was shot within seconds after some fool called the cops on him for playing with a toy gun. SECONDS.

Lil Baby Recruits Tamika Mallory & Killer Mike For “The Bigger Picture” Grammy Performance

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Back to the story at hand. What do you think about this drama? Others agreed, some did not, but it is definitely worth a chat.