“Black Mirror” Robo-Dogs Were Inspired By NYPD’s Cancelled Digi Dog!

Digi Dogs robotic "dogs"

The Robo Dogs are leaving NY!

The NYPD tried it in they failed. The cops in New York was trying to employ a new technology that appears to be a robotic surveillance dog, but it really looks like a dystopian Netflix movie. In fact, Black Mirror used a dog very similar to this one. The dogs, which are all robotic, cost roughly $75,000 per unit. The NYPD hoped to use the dogs to save lives, such as in a fire or some other sort of an emergency – like Black& Brown people in the hood! They were seen in some NYC hood involved in an arrest of a man. People didn’t think it was real. BUT it was. 

Critics pushed back quickly, stating that the robots were only used in the hood.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said that the proof of force was proven and also showed militarized robots to be using on humans. We ain’t seeing no digital dogs in the burbs on Chad-n-Karen. They selling Meth to Sparky! Furthermore, which wasn’t shown in videos, the dogs can also jump over things and collect surveillant‘s dad on human beings. The NYPD has now ended the contract with the manufacturer, With the “digi dog.”

It’s over for you digi dog! This crazy mess was really out of a sci-fi show, but the contract with Boston Dynamics is over. They wasted upwards of a couple thousand dollars to end the contract early. It was supposed to run at least until August, but it definitely is worth the loss. Oh yeah, one thing you should know is that This robot dog actually came before the show on “Black Mirror.” That’s right, “Black Mirror” was inspired by Boston Dynamics – not the other way around! So their 2017 episode, which has those same type of digital dogs terrorizing humans, comes from the reality!

So reality is truly stranger than fiction!

Check a piece of the ep!