B.O.B. Loses It Over Death Rumors!

The rapper B.O.B. is going to need some help it seems.


(AllHipHop Rumors) Did you see that? What in the WORLD is going on with the boy B.O.B.? Now, I don’t know what is going on with this dude, but he seems to have unraveled recently. The dude just lost it and really seems to resent the people that may have – at one time – supported him.

I am not going to judge him, but too harshly, but I am going to say that this isn’t right – unless he is talking about somebody specific. If that is the case, he needs to call that person’s name! We care about ya BOB!

I can understand how he may feel that way! I remember when people care about illseed…way back when! In fact, I feel like me and BOB came up together – the same school if you will. The difference is: I stopped drinking and boozing it up! These people will drive you to drink! 

Do you remember this?

That song was almost 10 years ago!!!! Where is TJ’s DJ’s when you need him!

This all started from a hoax, where some site reported that B.O.B. had died when he did. Then people started to say “RIP BOB” and then caused him to lose it! 

“You fkin’ ni99as, I fn’ hate you f#####’ ni99as!” he begins. “You ni99as ain’t support me worth a s### while I was f#ckin’ livin. And now that I’m f#ckin’ dead, you wanna talk about, ‘Oh, I love B.o.B. I love his music. I love all his s###?’ F#ck you! F#ck you, you f#ckin’ b#tch! You ain’t support sh#t! And you don’t give a f#ck about me and you don’t f#ckin’ know me.

I would put more but it’s laced with profanity!